ChinWig was a band project set up in conjunction with
Rising Records the independent record label based in
Sheffield (UK).

ChinWig, a spin-off from the Pig’n’aif project band, was set up to deliver a set of original material (with maybe the odd cover thrown in for gravy). The name was derived from the preponderance of facial adornment sported by the various band members, and hopefully reflects a more philosophical and cerebral approach to the music brought about by much strokey-beard movement. As always in these things we have to look at the lighter side to things ('cos advanced arthritis and senility is just around the corner).

ChinWig released their debut studio album Be Upstanding in 2009 to good critical response. You can buy it for a very modest price using the secure transaction on this site

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On the ChinWig Music page there is a video of the band performing the album track Stormbringer taken from their
Be Upstanding album.

Some of the band members returned to the Pig'n'aif projects and continued working on writing new material to add to the portfolio.
 In the period following the retirement of ChinWig from the live scene, Pig’n’aif have produced a number of albums which are well worth checking out.

The band also performed some reworked material from
Phoenix Rising and the other member’s back catalogues.

ChinWig is not performing live at the moment but all of the band members are active in other music projects currently.

There are a number of contact details and relevant web sites on the Contact Us page of this site.

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